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    Welcome to

    The complex of Votsalo Hotel and Restaurant, operates since 1970. It has accommodated thousands of visitors and has become popular and reputable from one person to the other, which is the result of a long-term effort of stable presence, hard work and friendly relations with the visitors.

    The secret for its longevity is the family, peaceful and comfortable atmosphere, the good and clean service, the quality and the loyalty to its customers.

    Our Facebook page

    To Votsalo "Hotel & Restaurant" - Our Hotel & Restaurant right in front of our beach.
    (Click on photo to view more)

    It is built on a beach next to the seashore; it is run by a family permanently residing at the village and the secret to the kitchen's deliciousness is the mother - cooker, who prepares all dishes traditionally, homemade and scrumptious. Fresh fish and seafood cooked in all ways will satisfy even the most demanding customers. For this reason Votsalo Restaurant gets its supplies from its own fishing boat which fishes every day only for the restaurant's needs.

    Agios Nikolaos
    To Votsalo "Hotel & Restaurant" - Agios Nikolaos Beach, Spoa.
    (Click on photo to view more)

    Greek kitchen also can be found in all its glory, since the mother - cooker of the family has a long term experience in homemade taste.

    Our Restaurant is open from the morning until midnight; being able to accommodate and satisfy every single passenger.

    Exactly above Votsalo Restaurant you will find the homonym hotel, with a fantastic view to the sea and the sunrise in the morning.

    All the verandas of our hotel will give you the impression that you lie on the beach and they are ideal for moments of absolute relaxation and calmness. All areas are big and comfortable and designed in a studio form, with little kitchens and air-condition, extremely clean and attentive. Each one of our rooms is ergonomic and modern able to cover the needs of up to three people. Your stay will definitely become a memory of pleasure, relaxation and delight.

    In front of Votsalo complex there is also a boat, which daily transfers and passers-by to neighboring beaches which cannot be reached by road. Unique, beautiful, virgin beaches wait for you to enjoy and to discover them, with caves for natural shadow and crystal waters for diving and swim.

    This is an ideal destination for lonely, private moments of calmness and joy, since there you will be all alone. You, the sea and the nature. You will feel like a Croesus on his private beach since the boat never brings more than one group of people at the same beach.

    To Votsalo "Hotel & Restaurant" - Beautiful virgin beaches.
    (Click on photo to view more)

    Contact Information  
    To Votsalo - Hotel & Restaurant
    Agios Nikolaos, Spoa
    Karpathos, P.C. 857 00
    Tel.: +30 22450 22430 / 71205
    Tel (home).: +30 22450 71205
    Cell Phone.: +30 6976 973 056
    Email.: tovotsalo@yahoo.gr
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    To Votsalo - Hotel
    Agios Nikolaos, Spoa
    Our Beaches
    Our Food
    Our Boat
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    Creation and copyright: To Votsalo - Hotel & Restaurant | To Nima
    Visit www.karpathos-hot-wheels.com
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