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    To Votsalo - Facebook

    Welcome to
    Agios Nikolaos Beach, Spoa, Karpathos.

    Driving on the asphalt from the island's capital, having a north direction from the east side, you will drive a breathtaking course, combining sinuous coasts, mountain and vegetation.

    When reaching about the middle of the island and at the entrance of the village Spoa, then rurning down and right, you are on the way which drives you to this scenery-treasure.

    Agios Nikolas' beach
    is of rare beauty and very picturewque, just 4km of asphalt road away from Spoa village.

    Our Facebook page

    To Votsalo "Hotel & Restaurant" - A view from Agios Nikolaos.

    A magic vision shall unfold infront of the visitors eyes, charming them, as they shall decent and get closer. Glittering and trasparent waters, for which Agios Nikolaos of Spoa has won a prize, shall surprise you and shall render your first impressions really fabulous. It is this so picturesque scenery surrounding the absolutely clean and always calm sea, ahich is offered to refresh you with its water.

    To Votsalo "Hotel & Restaurant" - A side view from Eftambatousa church.

    The golden beach, warm and hospitable, flirting with the sea water, full of trees for shadow and rocks for dives, make the scenery resembling to a dream.

    A dream attained by those visiting the place, who afterwards come again and again each year. This place is a favorite for our local residents as well as for Italian tourists and any other travellers.

    Agios Nikolaos traditional houses, harmonically built in the island's colouration, and the fineness of the Aegean Sea render a scenery even more captivating.

    Old country churches, each one having its own history and art, since the pirates era untill today, with caves - shelters and mosaics, they dominate the outskirts of the Hamlet, thus giving evidence of teh history of their existence throughout time. No matter what may the visitor wish to have so as his holiday remains forever unforgettable, he may find it here. There is an organised beach with umbrellas where you can find calmness and relaxation, without too many people and disturbances.

    The exceptional food, which is delicious and always made by local products and ingredients, it is there served in its best version. The traditional kitchen and the farmhouse loaf constitute a local rule. Furthermore, Agios Nikolaos is one of the best fishing places of the whole Karpathos island, where local fishermen daily supply the area with all kinds of sea food, apart from Karpathian sardines, which are made exclusively by them with traditional secrets.

    To Votsalo "Hotel & Restaurant" - Agios Nikolaos water fountain.

    There is fresh fishthat everyone can buy, since it holds the first place in consummation in the local area. If you like being alone, exploration and diving are ideal; there you can find a boat daily transferring the visitors to meet the secret virgin beaches which are unreachable by road; they constitute the best idea for the moments of loneliness and relaxation, since you and your friends will lie alone on the beach only for yourselvs without being disturbed. In addition, you may choose the time of departure and return since our power boat plays the role of a sea taxi. This is certainly an unforgettable experience. Agios Nikolaos - Spoa on Karpathos island is undoubtedly the ideal destination for gourmet visitors and those demanding for quality, offering a combination of fine taste and love for dolce vita.
    Contact Information  
    To Votsalo - Hotel & Restaurant
    Agios Nikolaos, Spoa
    Karpathos, P.C. 857 00
    Tel.: +30 22450 22430 / 71205
    Tel (home).: +30 22450 71205
    Cell Phone.: +30 6976 973 056
    Email.: tovotsalo@yahoo.gr

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    To Votsalo - Hotel
    Agios Nikolaos, Spoa
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