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To Votsalo
Restaurant & Hotel Karpathos

At Votsalo you will find Carpathian, Greek and international cuisine.

The hotel and restaurant "To Votsalo" has been serving the tourism sector since 1970. It has hosted thousands of visitors throughout the years and has become known by word of mouth, the result of a long-term effort for many years, constant presence, persistent work and friendly relationship with visitor.

The secret of its longevity is its family, peaceful and comfortable environment, good and clean service, quality and loyalty to its customers.


Built on the beach, next to the sea shore, it is coordinated and operated by a family that lives there permanently. The key to the flavors of the kitchen is put by our cook and mother, cooking everything the traditional way, homemade and delicious.

Fresh seafood and fish cooked in any way, meet even the strictest tastes. And this is because the restaurant Votsalo is fed by its own fisherman who catches every day only for his own needs.

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Greek cuisine is there in all its glory since the mother cook of the family has many years of experience in the field of homemade taste.

Open every day from morning until midnight, it is willing to accommodate and satisfy every passerby. Just above the restaurant Votsalo you will find the hotel of the same name. With fantastic sea views, with the sunrise in the morning. Its terraces gives you the feeling of being on the beach and offer moments of complete relaxation and tranquility. The spaces are large and comfortable in Studio layout, with kitchenettes and air conditioning shine with cleanliness and care.

Each of our rooms, ergonomic and modern, is able to meet the needs of up to three people each.

Your stay will be a memory of enjoyment, relaxation and delight guaranteed. In front of the Votsalo complex stretches the enchanting beach with umbrellas and sunbeds for sunbathing, swimming, diving, playing and relaxing.

fresh salads, fresh seafood & delicious meats of the hour!